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Reducing labia size by San Diego female plastic surgeon.
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Labiaplasty is one the fastest growing procedures in plastic surgery. The increasing popularity in Brazilian waxing makes women more aware and sometimes self-conscious of their anatomy in that area. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery and labiaplasty by San Diego Female Plastic Surgeon

Most patients that present for labiaplasty are usually between the ages of 17 and 45. The women all seem to have the same complaint. They have labia minora which are causing them irritation. They stick out farther than their labia majora and causes annoyances when trying to wear swimsuits or other garments. Most women desire to have the excess labia tissue removed.

The labia minora is the most common portion of the labia that is hypertrophic or enlarged. Sometimes the labia majora, or the outer lips, are also slightly enlarged. These can be reduced as well as the labia minora.

The surgery to reduce the labia is called a labiaplasty. It is done under a general or local anesthesia. There are several different techniques used to reduce the size of the labia. The surgery takes approximately one hour and is outpatient. The labia are reduced in size and sutures are used to close the incisions.

The aftercare for a labiaplasty involves a period of time where the patient needs to recline on her back and place icepacks in the area of surgery. We recommend that she does this for approximately 48 to 72 hours. It is also helpful to apply antibiotic ointment to the area. There may be some swelling or bruising after surgery. Time off work usually is three to five days. Complete healing time is approximately four to six weeks and ultimately will take several months for the scars to soften and completely heal. We recommend abstaining from intercourse for approximately four to six weeks.

Overall, labiaplasty is an excellent procedure that is well tolerated. Most women are absolutely thrilled with the results and are very pleased they went through with the surgery. Often women with enlarged labia feel slightly ashamed or embarrassed about their vaginal area. After labiaplasty they have a renewed confidence in this area which helps them feel more comfortable with their bodies.*

I highly recommend a labiaplasty surgery to any woman who is feeling self-conscious about their labia, or has labia causing discomfort and irritation. It is a very successful procedure that can yield excellent results.*

Diana M. Breister Ghosh, M.D.

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